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FIC: Love Will Tear Us Apart, From There to Here, Daniel/Joanne, M (3/4)

Posted on 2014.08.03 at 20:39
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Title: Love Will Tear Us Apart (3/4)
Author: rebelxxwaltz
Rating: M overall for sexual content. This chapter is the really smutty chapter in case you were wondering.
Pairing: Daniel/Joanne
Summary: When emotions run high, mistakes and painful misunderstandings can so easily occur. One night, the tension in Daniel and Joanne's relationship becomes too much for either of them to handle.
Notes/Warnings: Spoilers for the entirety of From There to Here, at least broadly. This is set sometime during the scope of episode 3 (summer of 1999 to be exact). As you might guess from the summary this is not exactly War and Peace, more of an angst-ridden relationship exploration.
Word Count: Entire fic around 9,000, this chapter 2,400. All parts are complete (yes really!) and will be posted in quick succession. ;D

Love Will Tear Us Apart
Part III


When the door closed behind the two of them Joanne had anticipated an explosion, the unleashing of nearly two years worth of untapped passion and longing. What she hadn't expected was to be slowly pulled against Daniel's body, her back against his chest, as his arms slid around her and the bridge of his nose nuzzled against the sensitive skin behind her earlobe. The tenderness of his actions took her by surprise, and the feel of his lips dragging over the side of her neck sent her more than a bit weak in the knees.

Joanne leaned back into the embrace, turning her face in toward Daniel's and reaching a hand up to finally stroke across his slightly-stubbled cheek and into the hair at the nape of his neck. He sighed and allowed himself to be coaxed into a kiss as she turned in his arms, pressing against him in earnest.

And this was better; perfect, easy. With their mouths fused and Daniel's hands dragging over the material of her dress, Joanne was able to lose herself and let go of all her doubts and other ambiguous concerns. It felt so good, just kissing him, and she trembled as he sucked on her tongue and his fingers deftly located the pull to the zipper at the back of her dress.

Not wanting to be left out of the action Joanne let her hands drop down from where they had been linked behind Daniel's neck, one sliding beneath the collar of his oxford shirt while the other worked at the buttons. His skin was as warm and smooth as she remembered, familiar and vital with the beat of his heart beneath her palm. She could feel his arousal filling and hardening against the junction of her hip and thigh, and Daniel made a choked noise in his throat when she centered herself to rub more firmly against it.

"Shhh," she warned, pressing her index finger against his mouth. Daniel barely nodded, blinking down at her slowly and molding his lips to her finger in a lingering kiss. Entranced, she fell into him as he turned their bodies around and led her toward the bed. His fingers caressed the newly-exposed skin of her back, trailing from the junction of her shoulder blades down to the V of fabric at the bottom of the zipper. She breathed his name as he guided her, luxuriating in his touch and absorbing the peripheral sight of the bed she had so haphazardly made this morning as they approached it.

God, this was really happening… Joanne chewed the inside of her lip out of sheer nerves and allowed him to take the lead.



In some ways, he thought, it was like their first time all over again. Or maybe it was like the other side of the same coin; on that unusually cool summer day three years ago this room had been drenched in muted sunbeams and soft sighs, where tonight there was just the oddly warming glow of ambient streetlight and a series of slightly broken gasps. It was almost dreamlike, the way Joanne kissed him, dragged her fingers through his hair, pressed her body against his so responsively. He wanted to worship her; with his hands, his mouth, with everything he had. His breathing became uneven as she enthusiastically pulled the front of his shirt open and he realized she was going to let him.

Feeling the bed frame against the back of his thighs, Daniel sat on the edge of the mattress and continued to urge Joanne closer until she was standing between his legs. The loosely hanging fabric of her unzipped dress was just begging to be peeled off, but Daniel ignored it for a moment in order to pull her in for another kiss. He stroked one hand up her neck and into her hair while the fingers of the other traced across her collarbone and began dragging the material of the dress away from Joanne's shoulder.

She reciprocated, tugging at his unbuttoned shirt and showing signs of impatience as the sleeves got caught up at the elbow. The feel of her deft hands brushing against the skin of his biceps and pressing into his shoulders as she undressed him went straight to his groin, and Daniel only just had enough sense remaining to lean back and pull the offending garment away from his arms.

Joanne took advantage of this pause to the action, pulling her own arms free of the dark crimson dress and letting the material fall away from her chest and torso. Daniel's breath hitched as he watched, propping his hands on the bed as she wiggled the skirt down over her hips and let it fall to the floor. Even in the relative darkness of the room he could see her face flush with color as he raked his eyes over her form, now clad only in matching black lace bra and knickers.

Daniel squirmed, trapped erection throbbing needfully as he took in the contrast of the provocative garments against Joanne's creamy pale skin. He exhaled appreciatively. "Jesus, you'll give me another heart attack."

That had been the wrong thing to say. Daniel found himself with an armload of angry and nearly naked Joanne pounding her fists against his chest and wrestling him down to the bed as a curtain of dark hair fell across her face. He was still helplessly aroused, and too stunned to defend himself.

"Don't you bloody dare joke about that, you bastard!" She had fallen on top of him, flailing her arms ineffectively and wriggling to try and gain better leverage. Daniel thought she was either unaware or unheeding of the fact that she was now straddling his hips, until he felt a distinct and deliciously warm pressure rubbing against his arousal. "You complete bastard son of a bitch! Ohhh—"

His hands shot up to grip her hips and increase the friction, and they both moaned softly. "Sorry, love. I'm sorry, oh fuck—"

Joanne shifted, propping one hand in the middle of his chest and reaching for his belt buckle with a wild-eyed expression. "Shut up. Just—" She struggled with his trouser fastenings, simultaneously trying to unzip him and push the material of the trousers and his boxer shorts away from his hips.

With a sudden surge of strength and unadulterated want Daniel bucked upward and rolled, using his weight to pin Joanne to the bed while he finished the job of removing his remaining clothes. She didn't give him much time to feel like he was in charge of the proceedings, pulling his body down against her and kissing him frantically. She wrapped a leg around his waist and rocked their hips together, dragging her hands over the tense muscles in his back. He saw the pleading in her expression as they paused for a labored breath, and he knew he was lost.



She wasn't sure how it was possible to be so furious but so turned on at the same time, and the way he had used the natural power of his body to reverse their positions left her totally at his mercy no matter how his thoughtless words reminded her of their painful past. Now they were caught in a hot press of bare flesh at her initiation, one of his hands sliding beneath to crush her even closer and work open the clasp of her bra.

The ease with which he removed that covering and molded his long-fingered hands over her breasts made Joanne remember how good they had always been together, how unselfconscious and sensually synchronised. She continued to cradle the lower half of his body with one smooth limb, whimpering as one of his hands slid down to hoist the encasing leg higher along his torso.

Between kisses Daniel looked down at her with a hungry expression, and she could tell from more that just the hardness against the inside of her thigh that he shared in her desperation. With a muffled growl he hitched her further up the bed so her head landed against the pillows as he hovered above her.

"God I've missed this… missed you…"

Then he was kissing his way down across her chest and the arching curve of her stomach, hooking his fingers into the elastic of her knickers. He peeled them down and knelt between her legs, running his hands up her thighs as he concentrated intently on the area he had just revealed. Joanne knew what was coming next, and bit her lip to contain an anticipatory moan.

At first Daniel traced soft lines with just the tip of his tongue, teasing and exploring with one hand splayed just below Joanne's belly button to hold her restless hips in place. The thumb of his other hand stroked along a similarly maddening pathway as he finally flattened his tongue and made several firm and rapid swipes over her clitoris.

Joanne failed to contain a gasping yelp as his mouth sealed over the sensitive nub, one of her hands flying up to grasp the metal frame of the headboard as the other plowed into the short hair at the back of his head. Then it was all surges of heat and pressure and the rhythmic probing of Daniel's fingers and gently scraping teeth. His eyes flashed up at her briefly, smouldering velvet blue irises visible even through the darkened air between them. She writhed from his efforts, draping one leg over his shoulder just to feel more of him. Daniel made a humming noise, gripping at her hip as his tongue continued to flutter and press.

It was so much, but at the same time suddenly not enough. Joanne wanted more, everything, and she pawed at his shoulders to summon his attention. "Daniel. Daniel! Up here…" He stilled, looking a bit dazed as his fingers stroked the outside of her thigh. She fixed him with what she hoped was a come-hither glance, tugging at his arm. "Need you," she implored.

Daniel took the hint, crawling slowly up her body until they were face to face once again. Joanne reached a hand down, seeking, finding her target hard and eager. She stroked him with a featherlight touch, teasing at the tip with her thumb as he muffled a groan into the crook of her neck. One of his hands joined with hers where it still gripped the frame of the bed, fingers tangling as their groins aligned and his cock slowly pressed forward into her waiting warmth.

He peered down at her once he was fully embedded, breathing unevenly as he held his sturdy form stock-still. Brushing a lock of hair away from her cheek, he gave a slight flex of his hips and looked askance. "Yeah?"

The gruff tenderness of both his voice and his actions were impossible for Joanne to resist, and she squeezed his hand in encouragement. "Oh, yes…"

Their bodies twisted together effortlessly, fueled by sense-memory and spurred on by the long empty stretches of unfulfilled physical craving. Daniel's thrusts were measured, with an occasional lapse toward the erratic. Joanne slid both of her legs up to wrap around his waist and draw him deeper, begging him to go harder . She loved the feel of his weight above her, capturing the low noises he was making with a messy open-mouthed kiss as the pace increased.

Joanne could feel the familiar sweet ache building between the base of her spine and her lower abdomen, thrilling to every erotic sensation. His cock was hammering into her relentlessly now as her hips rose off the bed to meet him, grinding urgently. Daniel's fingers slid to her wrist, pinning it to the mattress as he whispered and growled with his lips against her earlobe.

"Nnngh, come on love… oh fuck, Joanne. L love you. God, come for me sweetheart. Please—"

And then they were both flying apart in impressive harmony. Joanne sank her teeth into the muscle at the junction of Daniel's shoulder and neck to stop herself screaming with the pleasure of it as he held himself deep inside her. Daniel seemed to choke on his own breath as her inner muscles quivered and gripped around him and her thighs tightened their hold on his hips to keep him as close as humanly possible. He came in surging waves, prolonging her orgasm with each turbulent twist of his hips.

They fell into a heap of glowing skin and tingling limbs, breathing heavily atop the rumpled bedclothes. Daniel shifted slightly, chest rubbing against her sensitized nipples and causing aftershocks to shoot through their still-joined bodies. Groaning contentedly, he gathered her into his arms and covered them both with the far end of the duvet as best he could, pressing a kiss against her temple as their legs tangled and his eyes drifted shut.

Joanne ran her fingers along Daniel's forearm where it was draped over her torso, staring at the ceiling and allowing his admittedly frantic heat-of-the-moment declaration of love to ring in her ears as her breathing evened out. She knew in her heart of hearts that she loved him, too. Yes, she did. But did that change anything between them, really?

Floating languorously in the warmth of his embrace and brushing her lips against his jaw as she observed his state of blissful and oblivious repose, she decided that such worries and questions could wait for the light of day. Tonight, even if it was only this one night, could be just for them.



Final chapter to follow shortly!

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